Review of Blog

Review of Blog 

Terrence Farley –

The activity is being done by Grade 9 students of school “X”.The topic area selected “Marketing Mix” is relevant and appropriate for the age group since it’s consistent with the national curriculum. It was interesting since it allows students to be creative and original by using the various tools in Microsoft Word to develop their own design. They are doing the activity to apply their technological skills and knowledge in a more practical way; which will help them understand the concepts related to the Marketing Mix. Students needed prior knowledge on how to use some features in Microsoft Word, what is a market and what is marketing.

I learnt that in marketing the four P’s must be taken into consideration that is product, price, place and promotion .The success of any product/service depends on the right mix. They will do the activity using the program Microsoft word ; using various features such as shapes, smart arts, inserting pictures/graphics, font style, font size etc etc to design the poster/flyer. The instructions are simple and clear. They will want to do more since it allows them to be creative by choosing their own color, shapes, style of writing etc, the activity is student centered and thus they are given the opportunity to express themselves by creating unique designs.

The activity allowed students to think critically in choosing the best way to position graphics, text, shapes etc; while at the same time incorporating the marketing mix effectively; so yes students were exposed to higher order thinking. I foresee this technology being used in society in all subject areas in the near future, since its learner friendly and promote learning that cater for the needs of the 21st Century learner.

Two high Points of the Activity

  • Students are given the opportunity to be original and creative in designing the poster/flyer.
  • The activity encourages critical thinking in choosing the best graphics, size of text, style of text, etc etc when designing the flyer/poster.

Two areas in which changes can be made:

  • Time – A fixed time frame to complete the activity; this would encourage student to be competitive.
  • Motivation – Extrinsic motivation should be provided for to encourage maximum participation in the lesson.

Tutorial 2

Who is doing the activity?

Grade 10 Students.

Why are they doing it?

  • To identify the different type of organization structures.
  • To develop an understanding of the various levels of management.

Describe the activity.

Students would be given a worksheet with diagrams of different types of organization charts. They would be require to use Microsoft word “Smart Art” Feature; to create different charts. Prizes would be provided for the top three (3) designs. Points would be given for creativity, accuracy and completion of activity within a specified time (30 minutes). Additional prizes would be given to students who answer questions correctly at the end of the lesson. Upon completion of the activity students will be able to identify the type of organization structure and the different levels of management.

Will they want to do more?

Yes! The activity is student centered and encourages competition among students; while at the same time is promoting learning. The prizes provided would create extrinsic motivation. The nature of the activity allows for the students to be creative and original.

How does this activity meet the nation’s needs as articulated in the national policy guidelines?

By participating in this activity students would be able to engage in a student centered activity and develop their technological skills. Thus moving away from teacher centered instruction. As outlined in the policy guideline technology is being integrated into teaching using a student centered approach.

How the Multimedia Projector can be used in the Classroom

Website of the article

The technology I would be examining in this article is the Multimedia Projector.

According to Stephen Lilley “a Multimedia Projector is a device designed to take an image from a video source and project it as faithfully as possible onto a screen or other surface”.


Some of the ways the multimedia projector can be used in the classroom are:

  • Audio visual resources from internet
  • Going over tests
  •  Show and Tell
  •  Showing selected DVDs or Videos
  • Displaying student work
  • Comparison activities using split-screen
  • Storyboarding
  • Live web-cams
  • Video streaming
  • Sequence of pictures, time lapse, to demonstrate progression.
  • Paperless handouts.
  • Geography connections using Google Earth, Google Maps
  •  Powerpoint Jeopardy
  • Skype video chatting with classes around the world
  • Online Textbook
  • Teach songs using apps


  • Always have a backup plan.
  • Check out the room ahead of time – check out the room, and make sure it has everything you need.
  • Practice. If you have a complex presentation planned with several different multimedia, go to the room ahead of time and practice your presentation.
  • Invest in a laser pointer.
  • Include photographs to inject realism.
  • Insert illustrations to clarify or emphasize.
  • Stand on the left side
  •  Turn off the screen savers
  • Learn how to use the switch that toggles both screens on.
  • Keep it simple. Motion attracts their eyes..
  • Test your slides for size and readability
  • Arrive early and test everything.

Issue with this technology/Drawbacks:

Cost – Multimedia projector can be expensive  (depends on the resolution and other specifications) ; however the uses are advantageous to both the student and the Teacher.

Benefits of the Technology

  • Learner friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Saves time
  • Resources can be recycled
  • Can use to teach large class sizes

How i can use this technology in my subject area :

The multimedia can be used to enhance my lessons in any business subject I teach by incorporating the uses of the projector listed above. However I find audio/video to be most effective with my Grade 10 students .I can show them a video of the production process when teaching Principles of Business and stimulate their interest without leaving the classroom. Their is no need for an actual tour to a manufacturing facility; since the multimedia projector allows me to give my students the experience of a virtual tour. The lesson is then followed by an interactive session on the video.

Similarly i can teach an Office Administration lesson using the Multimedia projector i can show my students pictures of the various office layouts via Power-point. Combine this technology with the internet and computer systems learning take a new level. Students would be able to understand concepts more realistically because of this technology. For example when teaching a topic such as communication; after giving a demonstration using the multimedia projector ; students would attempt to communicate in real life using Email,Skype,Facebook ,Twitter, Messengers etc

Other Sources:

Tutorial 1

Age group : 14-15 years

Subject area : Office Administration

The topics i would like to explore with technology are Organizational charts , Types of office layouts,channels of communication and  Payroll ; because students generally have difficulties grasping concepts relating to each topic area listed.

Questions i would ask  and what i would like to find out about topics listed are;

  • Whether technology aid in retention of those concepts taught.
  • Identify the main channels of communication.
  • Differentiate between traditional and open plan offices.
  • What is an office?
  • What is the purpose of constructing a payroll?


  1. To use technology to deliver lessons effectively and efficiently.
  2. To create lesson activities that are student centered using technology.
  3. To be able to bring about change in the general school environment by sharing my knowledge of how to integrate technology in teaching.

Introduction – Welcome !!!


About the Blogger – My name is Paul Jaisingh.I am a final year student of the  University of Guyana ,Turkeyen Campus pursuing a Bachelor of Education Degree – Business Studies.I am looking forward to actively participate in this course so that i can enhance my knowledge in Information Technology .

This blog was created in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the course “Educational Technology for Teachers – EFN 5302”.

Upon completion of this course the Blogger hopes the resources made available on this blog ; can be useful to both students and Educators.

Happy blogging!