Tutorial 1

Age group : 14-15 years

Subject area : Office Administration

The topics i would like to explore with technology are Organizational charts , Types of office layouts,channels of communication and  Payroll ; because students generally have difficulties grasping concepts relating to each topic area listed.

Questions i would ask  and what i would like to find out about topics listed are;

  • Whether technology aid in retention of those concepts taught.
  • Identify the main channels of communication.
  • Differentiate between traditional and open plan offices.
  • What is an office?
  • What is the purpose of constructing a payroll?


  1. To use technology to deliver lessons effectively and efficiently.
  2. To create lesson activities that are student centered using technology.
  3. To be able to bring about change in the general school environment by sharing my knowledge of how to integrate technology in teaching.

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