How the Multimedia Projector can be used in the Classroom

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The technology I would be examining in this article is the Multimedia Projector.

According to Stephen Lilley “a Multimedia Projector is a device designed to take an image from a video source and project it as faithfully as possible onto a screen or other surface”.


Some of the ways the multimedia projector can be used in the classroom are:

  • Audio visual resources from internet
  • Going over tests
  •  Show and Tell
  •  Showing selected DVDs or Videos
  • Displaying student work
  • Comparison activities using split-screen
  • Storyboarding
  • Live web-cams
  • Video streaming
  • Sequence of pictures, time lapse, to demonstrate progression.
  • Paperless handouts.
  • Geography connections using Google Earth, Google Maps
  •  Powerpoint Jeopardy
  • Skype video chatting with classes around the world
  • Online Textbook
  • Teach songs using apps


  • Always have a backup plan.
  • Check out the room ahead of time – check out the room, and make sure it has everything you need.
  • Practice. If you have a complex presentation planned with several different multimedia, go to the room ahead of time and practice your presentation.
  • Invest in a laser pointer.
  • Include photographs to inject realism.
  • Insert illustrations to clarify or emphasize.
  • Stand on the left side
  •  Turn off the screen savers
  • Learn how to use the switch that toggles both screens on.
  • Keep it simple. Motion attracts their eyes..
  • Test your slides for size and readability
  • Arrive early and test everything.

Issue with this technology/Drawbacks:

Cost – Multimedia projector can be expensive  (depends on the resolution and other specifications) ; however the uses are advantageous to both the student and the Teacher.

Benefits of the Technology

  • Learner friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Saves time
  • Resources can be recycled
  • Can use to teach large class sizes

How i can use this technology in my subject area :

The multimedia can be used to enhance my lessons in any business subject I teach by incorporating the uses of the projector listed above. However I find audio/video to be most effective with my Grade 10 students .I can show them a video of the production process when teaching Principles of Business and stimulate their interest without leaving the classroom. Their is no need for an actual tour to a manufacturing facility; since the multimedia projector allows me to give my students the experience of a virtual tour. The lesson is then followed by an interactive session on the video.

Similarly i can teach an Office Administration lesson using the Multimedia projector i can show my students pictures of the various office layouts via Power-point. Combine this technology with the internet and computer systems learning take a new level. Students would be able to understand concepts more realistically because of this technology. For example when teaching a topic such as communication; after giving a demonstration using the multimedia projector ; students would attempt to communicate in real life using Email,Skype,Facebook ,Twitter, Messengers etc

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