Tutorial 2

Who is doing the activity?

Grade 10 Students.

Why are they doing it?

  • To identify the different type of organization structures.
  • To develop an understanding of the various levels of management.

Describe the activity.

Students would be given a worksheet with diagrams of different types of organization charts. They would be require to use Microsoft word “Smart Art” Feature; to create different charts. Prizes would be provided for the top three (3) designs. Points would be given for creativity, accuracy and completion of activity within a specified time (30 minutes). Additional prizes would be given to students who answer questions correctly at the end of the lesson. Upon completion of the activity students will be able to identify the type of organization structure and the different levels of management.

Will they want to do more?

Yes! The activity is student centered and encourages competition among students; while at the same time is promoting learning. The prizes provided would create extrinsic motivation. The nature of the activity allows for the students to be creative and original.

How does this activity meet the nation’s needs as articulated in the national policy guidelines?

By participating in this activity students would be able to engage in a student centered activity and develop their technological skills. Thus moving away from teacher centered instruction. As outlined in the policy guideline technology is being integrated into teaching using a student centered approach.


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