Review of Blog

Review of Blog 

Terrence Farley –

The activity is being done by Grade 9 students of school “X”.The topic area selected “Marketing Mix” is relevant and appropriate for the age group since it’s consistent with the national curriculum. It was interesting since it allows students to be creative and original by using the various tools in Microsoft Word to develop their own design. They are doing the activity to apply their technological skills and knowledge in a more practical way; which will help them understand the concepts related to the Marketing Mix. Students needed prior knowledge on how to use some features in Microsoft Word, what is a market and what is marketing.

I learnt that in marketing the four P’s must be taken into consideration that is product, price, place and promotion .The success of any product/service depends on the right mix. They will do the activity using the program Microsoft word ; using various features such as shapes, smart arts, inserting pictures/graphics, font style, font size etc etc to design the poster/flyer. The instructions are simple and clear. They will want to do more since it allows them to be creative by choosing their own color, shapes, style of writing etc, the activity is student centered and thus they are given the opportunity to express themselves by creating unique designs.

The activity allowed students to think critically in choosing the best way to position graphics, text, shapes etc; while at the same time incorporating the marketing mix effectively; so yes students were exposed to higher order thinking. I foresee this technology being used in society in all subject areas in the near future, since its learner friendly and promote learning that cater for the needs of the 21st Century learner.

Two high Points of the Activity

  • Students are given the opportunity to be original and creative in designing the poster/flyer.
  • The activity encourages critical thinking in choosing the best graphics, size of text, style of text, etc etc when designing the flyer/poster.

Two areas in which changes can be made:

  • Time – A fixed time frame to complete the activity; this would encourage student to be competitive.
  • Motivation – Extrinsic motivation should be provided for to encourage maximum participation in the lesson.

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